Illinois' U.S. senators want federal action taken on Asian carp

CHICAGO - Both of Illinois' U.S. senators are pushing for federal investigators to take action against the threat of invasive species, such as Asian carp.

On Thursday, a letter was sent to the White House Council on Environmental Quality by U.S. Senator Mark Kirk and U.S. Senator Dick Durbin.  Other senators from the Great Lakes region also signed the letter, which states that urgent action is needed to protect the Mississippi River basin and the Great Lakes.

According to the senators, long-term, multibillion-dollar solutions that would prevent the spread of the species were proposed in an Army Corps of Engineers report earlier this year.  The recommendations outlined in the report continue to be debated.

However, officials are being urged by senators to take action on other short- and medium-term plans that could get regional consensus more easily.  Senators also say that should happen as soon as possible.

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