Decatur Council to Vote on Radio Upgrades

 DECATUR- For the past 25 years has operated its own system, but now they're having a hard time getting replacement parts.
City council will discuss switching to an inter-operable radio system meaning that agencies can speak to each other.
Decatur fire and police are already on it. The city would buy about 2 hundred radios.  The cost would be under 1.4 million dollars.
McCrady says he saw the importance of inter-communication when a tornado tore through the home park neighborhood in June of last year.
 "I saw on a very small scale the challenges they had to get the roadways open to get the trees cleared off the major streets and we were out checking on the welfare of residents and so the communications are absolutely critical in any incident, whether it's small or large," McCrady says.
Water will pay for its radios out of the water fund, transit out of the transit fund.  The rest financed through a local bank
City council is voting on this issue Monday night.  We'll bring you an update on what they decide.

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