Anniversary of Caleb Witty's Murder

 DECATUR-It’s been three years since the shooting death of Caleb Alexander Witty and his murder is still unsolved.
    Witty was walking home from McDonald's with his 14-year-old sister on Decatur's east side.   Two men approached them and asked for money. Witty had none.
One of the men fired the gun. Witty jumped in front of his sister, saving her life.
    Police do have leads but need more information. Neither the gunman nor his accomplice have been arrested.
    The colorful memorial that once adorned the pole near where Caleb was shot is long gone.  The spray painted messages on the asphalt are fading. But for his family the wounds are still deep and the memories are still fresh.
    Caleb's family will light candles in his memory Monday night.  They'll meet at dusk by the pole in the 22 hundred block of east johns avenue in Decatur.

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