Honorary street signs in Champaign to be taken down after 10 years

CHAMPAIGN - Earlier this year the Champaign City Council decided that dedicated signs should be taken down after 10 years, causing the first of 41 honorary street-name signs in Champaign to be removed.

In memory of Burnham City Hospital, Champaign's Fourth Street has carried a sign indicating it is also Honorary Burnham Boulevard.  The hospital long served city residents, but has been closed for years, and the honorary sign's 10-year life span expired on Sunday.

The council made the decision to take down honorary signs after 10 years due to the amount of applications they receive for new signs each year.  Even very popular signs, like the one honoring former Illini basketball coach Lou Henson and his wife, will not be exempt, and will be removed after being displayed for 10 years.

People can apply to have those signs put up again, but no more than four can be added in any year.

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