Millikin Police to Enforce Ordinance Violations

     DECATUR-At Millikin, they have four officers to protect and serve students and staff and the wider public.
    And now, they have the ability to enforce ordinance violations.  They already have the authority to write criminal and traffic offenses
    Moving forward, Millikin police were granted permission from the decatur city council to write ordinance violations.
    Depending on the action, for example, if a Millikin student is caught drinking underage, they can be penalized by university code.
    But with non-students, their only course of action was to arrest them on a criminal charge, where they get booked and taken to jail and have the offense become part of their permanent record.  
    David Beasley, deputy chief of police says this gives them a bit more flexibility for certain cases.   
    "Getting ordinances, we would be able push it through an administrative process with the city," Beasley says.  for those that it would warrant such an action where it would be a learning experience and not a repeat offender and there are several conditions that would have to be met for them to get that."
    The deputy chief says the administrative procedures still have to be worked out.

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