Buffett Grant to Help Sheriff, State's Attorney

     DECATUR-A one point two million dollar grant will mean they can add two deputies here at the Macon County Sheriff's Department.  And a new investigator at the State's Attorney's Department.
    A grant from the Howard G. Buffett foundation allows Macon County to hire a drug interdiction officer and a DUI officer.  And for the next four years, the state's attorney's office will have an investigator dedicated to protecting the elderly.
    Macon County Sheriff Tom Schneider says this allows for proactive policing -- with DUI's and with drugs, which is especially necessary during an increasing heroin epidemic.
    "It's a game changer," Schneider says.  "It's making a difference in public safety.  It's also promoting job growth. It's everything put together.  So obviously we're very happy from the law enforcement sense and then of course as a community resident, I'm happy about that too."
    They hope to bring people on as soon as December.

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