Laptops a new school supply for Eisenhower students

DECATUR—Students at Eisenhower High School will be bringing some sleek school supplies to class this fall.

“It's about the ability to access and integrate and evaluate information,” said Decatur Public Schools Chief Instructional Officer, Ed Moyer. “And we want that to be as available as a pencil.”

But without the complication of having to find one.

Not have to worry about going to your locker and getting your pens and pencil and your paper and your homework, it will all be right here with you,” said Koltin Steiart, an Eisenhower student.

On a Macbook Air. Each student is being set up with one for the year, to be used for daily assignments and even homework because for a $75 insurance fee, these laptops can go wherever they go.

“That's the power of one-to-one is when it's with you,” said Moyer. “So you have it at school you have it at home, wherever you need to do your work. If parents can't pay that, it just means that they can't take the device home.”

But regardless of whether they're bringing their laptops home or leaving them at school, they'll be saving their documents to Google Drive, which means they will have access to them wherever they have Internet.

“If you can't take it home, you can go at home, enter from your own computer and enter Google Drive and all your homework will be there,” said student Kalyn Mickle.

“We just want to make sure we are leveling the playing field for all our students, everyone has access to it,” said Moyer.

Access to an education that's evolving with the times.

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