Williams' Death Opens Discussion About Suicide

 DECATUR-Robin Williams was battling severe depression when he took his own life. Over the years, he was open, talking about his problems with addiction and sobriety.
    Williams even attended rehab earlier this summer.
    Tom Moll, the  behavioral health manager at St. Mary's, has seen tragedies like this before.   
    "Depression left untreated can lead to suicidal ideations, which at the time feeling hopeless, helpless and in total despair, a person who would otherwise never harm themselves would give in to that urge to end their life," Moll says.
    Moll says getting treatment is imperative. Especially for people suffering from addiction and depression.  
    "Don't suffer in silence," Moll says.  "This is a treatable disease, you can get help, it can get better."
    For a complete list of risk factors and warning signs leading up to suicide, we've added a complete list to our website and click on sitewatch. 

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