Council to Vote on Drainage over Bridge


     DECATUR- Drive on the Rt. 51 bridge over Lake Decatur, and you can see why the state is moving forward with replacing the bridge decks.  They're taking bids in mid-September, with work that could begin late this year.  During construction, there will be one lane of traffic each way over the dam.  But while the state is doing the bridge work, the city would like to take all the drainage off the bridge areas and put it into a closed drainage system that discharges into the river below the dam.

   City manager Ryan McCrady says doing this would be the cheapest and most efficient solution.
    "If for some reason we had a hazardous material spill on the bridge or near the bridge the material would drain would go into the closed drainage system and not discharge into the lake.  Instead it would go downstream of the river," McCrady says.
    The city will allocate about 420 thousand out of water fund to deal with the drainage.
    They vote on Monday night.

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