City Radio Overhaul Potentially on Hold

 DECATUR-A major overhaul of the city's radio system may be put on hold.
    That's because a lightning strike made the city question..if putting all their eggs in one basket is a good idea.
    Just hours after council approved upgrading to a digital system through Motorola.  Lightning struck a radio tower damaging some of the equipment.
    That caused the digital system---which the fire and police departments already use---to fail.
    The backup system using other towers did not work and so the city had to rely on their old analog system.
    City Manager Ryan McCrady says they're continuing to talk to Motorola, but in the meantime are asking council to rescind approval of the contract
    "It just puts it on hold until my staff and I can look at the Starcom system in its ndancy and decide if it's a good idea to move away from our backup and go forward on starcom or we should pursue a different type of backup system," McCrady says.
    McCrady says at some point, he will come back to council with a recommendation

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