Civil Unrest & Police

Decatur – Police in Ferguson, Missouri have their hands full with looters and angry demonstrators.  The National Guard has been deployed in the town to help end the violence.

In Decatur civil unrest would be handled by the city police department.  If it spilled over into the county the Macon County Sheriff's Department would handle problems in those areas.

“We would deal with that and we would ask the city police department for their assistance.  If need be the state police,” Sheriff's Department Lt. Tony Brown told WAND News.

Brown feels good communications with the media and public are important when handling civil unrest.

“As far as the Sheriff's office we're very transparent and we would definitely keep the media informed in reference to the situation,” Brown said.  “Sometimes when you don't give information out a lot of misinformation is out there.”

The Sheriff's Department did not comment on the Ferguson demonstrations.

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