Running from Coast to Coast for Firefighters

A Dallas, Texas man is running thousands of miles from the western edge of the United States to the East Cost.

Jeff Venable ran in marathons in all 50 states. His wife, Linda Venable is a retired firefighter after 33 years with the Dallas Fire Department. When Jeff and Linda decided to start a non-profit organization, they combined their love for firefighters with the love of running and they are giving back.

So Jeff is running about 40 miles a day to raise money for three charities. Those charities are The Thin Red Line, The Fallen Firefighter Foundation and The Sons of the Flag. 

The first organization will "provide safety equipment for volunteer firefighters, the second one provides benefits for families in line of duty deaths and the third one does research and education to burn victim treatment," Jeff said.

Jeff and Linda started in Coos Bay, Oregon and they will end up in New York at the World Trade Center by September 11, 2014. That's 956 hours and about 3,000 miles that Venable will conquer in four months. 

Everyday is a challenge, but he only has less than a month to go.

"The purpose of this run is to raise awareness for firefighters and their families. The purpose of this run is not for me to run across the county and to be comfortable doing it," Jess said. "I've been rained on. I got rained on in illinois. Rained on in Missouri. I've got rained on lots of places."

With each obstacle, he travels through them with pride and snapping pictures along the way.

"You see little flowers on the side of the road. You see people have really interesting mailboxes," Jeff added.

Even though Jeff plans to reach Ground Zero by September 11th, he will accept donations until December. If you want to support the cause visit The money collected will provide assistance to firefighters nationwide.

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