Medical marijuana could be coming to Clinton

CLINTON—In just a few weeks, the state will begin accepting applications for medical marijuana facilities, but in Clinton, one company is already making the case to for a cultivation center right outside of town.

Throughout Central Illinois, there will be one cultivation center per police district and the state will start accepting applications on September 8th to decide which companies get to grow and sell medical marijuana.

But Monday night in Clinton, a Chicago-based lawyer who actually lobbied for the pot program lobbied the city council for support to open the cultivation center for ISP District 6 right outside the Clinton limits.

Alex Thiersch told members his company, Salveo Health and Wellness, has already selected a site for a growing facility on Revere Road. The building would be around 30,000 square feet—entirely for the purpose of growing, not selling, medical marijuana.

The facility would also create between 25 and 40 jobs that would pay anywhere from $30,000 to six-figure salaries, and Thiersch would not look far to fill those positions.  

“We are absolutely intending to hire local contractors, local growers,” said Thiersch. “The people who work in the facility all will be hired locally and trained locally so they can support the community.”

Thiersch is competing against other companies to win the single cultivation center license for ISP District 6. He will also appear before the DeWitt County Board Thursday to address any concerns those members may have about growing medical marijuana on county grounds.

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