Urbana man busted for at-home meth lab

URBANA—An Urbana man is behind bars after manufacturing meth in his house.

From outside, it looks like an ordinary home, but what was going on inside seems like a scene from a TV show.

“That your neighbors would be cooking meth, it's something like Breaking Bad,” said neighbor Tyler Crain.

But in this case, the cook got cuffed. Champaign County Sheriff's deputies search the rural residence in east Urbana Sunday night. They found a makeshift meth lab and arrested 34-year-old Michael Wagner.

“He originally started cooking meth 10 years ago, he stopped for a while started picking it back up about six months ago,” said Lt. Curt Apperson of the Champaign County Sheriff's Department. “And has been doing it ever since.”

And not just at the house.

“His labs were mobile at times,” said Apperson.

Deputies were tipped off about the operation through Crimestoppers. And they joined forces with the Illinois State Police meth response team to raid the residence.

“It wasn't in the process of making meth, in fact he had already manufactured the meth,” said Apperson. “We did find under five grams of finished product at the residence, which he was arrested for.”

Along with meth possession, Wagner was charged with meth manufacturing and disposing of the waste. He is being held on $150,000 bond.

Even though neighbors never expected it, they are resting easier knowing Wagner is behind bars.

“They never thought they'd get caught living out here but I'm 100 percent relieved because you never know what could've happened,” said Crain.

But fortunately, there was not an explosive ending to this drug bust.

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