I-TEAM: Cancer Patient Could Lose Home

Decatur – Juli and Phil Wright have a lot of bad luck.  In fact, bad luck seems to be the only luck they have.

“It's an incredible nightmare that never goes away,” Juli told WAND News I-TEAM reporter Doug Wolfe.

The Wright's have been purchasing their home from a Champaign County man on a contract for deed.  They initially placed a down payment for $70,000 for the house on Decatur's south side.  Six months later they put down an additional $34,000 for a total of $104,000 against a total purchase price of $113,000.

What the Wright's did not know, and is reflected in court records, is the owner of the home had applied for a second mortgage against the property.  A mortgage that was then defaulted on and later placed in bankruptcy proceedings.

The Wright's, who do not hold the title on the house, could soon be forced out due to foreclosure proceedings against the original owner.  To make matters worse Juli has pancreatic cancer and Phil is unable to work due to a diabetic condition.

“I'm very upset at what happened,” Phil said.  “The way it's going I believe we're going to lose the house.”

“Basically we're going to be tossed onto the street trying to find us a place to live that we can afford,” stated Juli.

With an income just over $500 a month they cannot afford an attorney.  WAND attempted to contact the original owner but his last known phone number is no longer in service.

(Pictured: Juli & Phil Wright of Decatur)

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