Collapsing House Worries Neighbors

Decatur – The house at 1308 S. Parkwood Place has a starting price of $600.  Instead, it's likely to become a target for a demolition firm.

“I think it's very dangerous,” Rosemary Greenwell told WAND News.  “I walk my grandson by it in his stroller and make sure I watch when I go by.”

Neighbors worry about children playing in the house which started collapsing in October 2013 and suffered major structural damage last winter and over the July 4th weekend.

“Part of it fell in coming toward this way,” stated next door neighbor Larry Borowski.  “I was scared it was going to hit the house over here.”

The city of Decatur is in the process of taking legal steps to have the house demolished.  Bids for demolition are expected in the near future. 

The city has closed off Riverside Avenue running next to the home as a safety precaution.  That move has increased traffic on side streets.

“The school buses.  We're having school buses come around to our block that didn't before,” stated Greenwell.

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