Madigan and Illinois Department of Labor investigating allegations of wage violations and discrimination

CHICAGO - The Illinois Department of Labor and Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan's office have launched a joint investigation into discriminatory practices and wage violations against immigrant workers employed at Chinese buffet-style restaurants throughout the state.

Both entities are investigating allegations of wage payment, minimum wage violations, and discrimination against a largely immigrant workforce that serves as kitchen labor for many Chinese buffet-style restaurants in Illinois.  

Workers who have voiced complaints to Madigan's office allege that they typically work 11-13 hours per day with no breaks, six days a week.  The workers also allege they are housed in crowded, substandard conditions by restaurant owners.

The Illinois Department of Labor and Madigan have jointly issued subpoenas regarding workers' claims of routinely being underpaid, being discriminated against based on their race or national origin, and in some cases are forced to work under threats of abuse and violence.

Madigan is urging any current and former workers of Chinese buffet-style restaurants in Illinois to immediately contact her office's Civil Rights Bureau at (877) 581-3692 to report discrimination in the work place or to report wage abuse.
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