Hot Jobs On A Hot Day

Decatur – At PT's Bar-B-Que in Decatur Perry Hines has been putting heat on his meat for 48 years.  As far as doing his job Hines prefers winter over summer.

“The winter is better to me,” Hines told WAND's Doug Wolfe.  “I can take stuff off and put stuff on.  Get warm.  Here I can't take enough off.”

Even while the heat soars.  People still have to make a living.  Customers come.  At times in smaller numbers.

“This is really hot today,” one worker at a food truck on Pershing Road told us.  “So not too much people coming today.”

The food truck has an air conditioner constantly blowing.  But it's still warm inside with food being cooked.

“Oh man, it's brutal,” said a worker putting down new artificial turf at Millikin University.  “It takes a toll on everyone's body.  It starts to dehydrate them.  You gotta stay drinking a lot of water and keep everyone in the shade every so often.”

Hot jobs on a hot day.

(Pictured: Workers put down new turf at Millikin University on a hot summer Monday in 2014)

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