Crews Repair Asian Carp Barrier

 DECATUR-A contractor is repairing the fish screen meant to keep Asian carp in the Sangamon River from jumping into the lake.
    A crew started installing them last year and hadn't finished when winter hit. Some of the ice in the lake thawed and broke up and came over the dam, causing some of the poles to fall over, and the screens to fall off.
    With all the rain this spring and summer, the contractors had to wait because the city had to let water continue to go over the dam.
    Jerry Stevens is the engineering services coordinator with the water management department.  He says they're making improvements to prevent this from happening in the future.
    "They were just able to put them all back up and we made some modifications to the design and put the screens up a little bit higher so that the ice could go underneath them a little bit easier," Stevens says.
    Stevens says they were also able to save the screens that fell.
    You'll be able to see workers out here making improvements for the next several weeks.

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