Cool Places to Beat the Heat

Decatur- Temperatures topped 95 degrees in Central Illinois on Monday. A few places were open for people to keep cool on a scorching hot summer day.

The Salvation Army's Men Shelter is just one place men can go to relax on hot days. On a normal day, the Director of Men's Services Jeff Mueller said, they assist 35 men. Because of the extreme heat on Monday, they added around 15 more cots he said. However The Salvation Army is not the only place people can go to to get away from the sun.

The Old King's Orchard Community Center is an under utilized facility that can serve a bigger purpose. 

"Kids can play basketball or come in and work on homework," said Alida Graham, the President of the Board at Old King's Orchard Community Center. "We have resources for people who may need a cool place to come."

Both places serviced people on Monday. 

"Been real lucky. We've had a few guys come in to stay cool," said Mueller. "A lot of time though when the word gets out on the street that there is a cool place and folks start coming in the last minute, but we'll be prepared."

Old King's Orchard Community Center allows kids to enjoy their gym on Sunday nights. It only costs a dollar for three hours.

As for The Salvation Army's Men Shelter, you have to be in by ten if you want to get out of the heat.

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