On the Rooftop: First at Millikin University

 A garden in one of the most unlikely places – built by a student – on the roof of Millikin University.

Jessica Kerr and Doctor Judy Perrish are a team. Building a garden in a place best reserved for the birds.

“There is high pigeon activity. Ha! You would think they would be rooting for the home team you know” says Kerr.

It is Millikin's first ever roof top garden. Reducing the temperature of the building, pulling in carbon dioxide and producing oxygen.

"Every time you put in a building or parking lot you reduce that - so in cities you have a lot of buildings - but not producing a lot of oxygen” says Dr. Perrish.

The project was not easy. Six months of planning, the construction of six boxes, twenty-eight wheelbarrows of gravel, and a whole lot of soil.

“I would love to put in a least half a green roof up here, which would be so great, and there would be so many environmental benefits that would come from putting in a green roof” says Kerr.

The benefits of green roof technology are already being seen in big cities like Chicago and overseas in Europe.

As Kerr overlooks the campus of Millikin University, she sees technology like this being used for good here in Decatur, and giving us a breath of fresh air to how we use rooftops.

"I think the city of Decatur would highly benefit from something like this. We have big companies - big factories - if we could spread the word and get ordinances out to allow for an easy construction, we could give so much back” says Kerr.

The project is part of Kerr's scholar's program. Right now, they have three types of vegetables growing on the roof, and plan to give some away in the near future.

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