Challenging You to Get Fit

    DECATUR-Live or work in Macon County and want to get fit?  Now there's a way to get some serious motivation!
     The Macon County Wellness Challenge is sponsored by ACHIEVE and Grow Decatur.
    It's a ten week--team based physical activity and nutrition program. It's supposed to help people stay healthy by rewarding healthy activity with points.   
    "People who sign up are going to get a prize when they first are getting involved and then if they are hitting goals during a certain time during the challenge, then they are going to get a prize," says Brandi Binkley of the Macon County Health Department.  "They also have the potential to win a prize if they are one of the top three performing teams on average, so it doesn't matter what size your team is."
    The challenge begins September 1st.  To register, you can call the United Way at 422-8537 or you can register online by Sunday.  We've added the link to under sitewatch.
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