Decatur's NAACP Reacts to 18-Year-Old Shot and Killed In Ferguson, Missouri

A demand for peace and justice continues to ring out in Ferguson, Missouri, weeks after a teen is shot and killed by a police officer.  The death of Michael Brown has caused outrage.  Mainly because he was unarmed when shot.  Some community leaders in Decatur call it another case of a black teen lost to violence.  It's something they say happens way too often right here at home.  To raise awareness, the local NAACP is teaming up with the Church of the Living God.

On Thursday, they held a vigil for Brown, and for all of the victims of violence in Decatur, offering prayer and spiritual healing for their families.

"We don't necessarily have the law enforcement, at this point, shooting our children, but we do have black on black violence," said Dr. Jeanelle Norman, president of Decatur's NAACP.  "And  we have parents who are really heavy laden over losing there children.  And so, it kind of just came to me that we needed to do something more on a community base."

Community leaders are hoping the event brings peace to the hurting and inspires Decatur residents to show more respect to their neighbors.

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