Inn Turns To Inner City Farming

Decatur – It's called the Mercy Gardens.  The Good Samaritan Inn is converting vacant city lots into inner city farms. 

The farm concept cuts the cost of food used by the soup kitchen.  While at the same time providing valuable training for the unemployed and under employed to learn the culinary business.

“When you have the need for food products and you're having to purchase them the natural thing to do is put a garden in and getting going with it,” Rev. Stacey Brohard Executive Director of the Good Samaritan Inn told WAND's Doug Wolfe on Friday.  “It's also going to reduce the cost per plate because I can use the products out of the gardens.”

The Good Samaritan Inn spends $2.75 to $3 a plate to feed the people who come in for a midday meal seven days a week.  An average of 300 people a day come through the Inn's doors.  Overall, it costs the Inn about $25,000 a month to operate.  The Inn depends on donations to feed Decatur's hungry population. 

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