Labor Day Weekend Travel on the Rise

CHAMPAIGN—The long Labor Day weekend gives people across the country reason to hit the road.

As estimated 34.7 million travelers journeyed at least 50 miles away from home during the extended holiday: the most since 2008.

Those who took the train to their vacation destinations witnessed a rise in riders.

“It was very crowded,” said Calvin Dreger, who traveled from Champaign to Chicago on Amtrak. “It was sold out going up.”

Eighty-five percent of the people traveling out of town this weekend did so in their cars, and many point to prices at the pump as the reason why.

“It's such a nice relief,” said Beatrix Bourdreau of Louisville, Kentucky. “At home it was $3.85 a gallon. Here it's $3.23 I think. Actually in Cedar Rapids it was as low as $3.17.”

Throughout the United States, people are paying the lowest prices of the end-of-summer season since 2010.

“This has been about a dime cheaper than last year if I recall,” said Dreger.

 Experts don't attribute the increase in travel to the decrease in expenses, but they do say it leaves vacationers more money to pump back into the economy while they are away.
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