Changes coming to parking ticket prices in Champaign

CHAMPAIGN—The price of a parking ticket in Champaign has not changed since 2007, but Tuesday the city council voted six to two to approve various changes to the parking violation pay scale.  

The current fines for parking violations in Champaign are about to expire. Starting January 1, 2015, the first time you forget to feed the meter will be free of charge.

“It creates a positive experience for the visitor,” said Shirl Johnson, parking operations supervisor for the city. “And then for local people, you run late sometimes and we understand that.”

The second time you run late within a year will cost you $15, more than the current $10 flat fee. The fines will increase with each subsequent violation, up to $35 for the fifth offense.

But if you park in a place you're not supposed to altogether, expect a rise in those rates too.

“Currently, we have various prohibited parking fines,” said Johnson. “What we're trying to do is make them all uniform, so they will all be $30.

If you wait to pay, it will cost you an additional $5 after a week, and another $10 after a month.

“The more tickets you get the later you are,” said Johnson. “The more we do to try and collect so this is going to pay for the time and paperwork and cost for collection.”

The changes to meter violations are not expected to bring in any extra cash. However, the rise in rates for prohibited parking fines and late fees could bring a combined $157,000 annually to the city's parking fund.

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