A Cheese Toastie On $8.25 An Hour

Decatur – A cheese toastie, ice tea and fries.  Not exactly a high priced lunch, but at $5.55 in a local eatery, it puts a dent in the budget of a minimum wage earner.

The minimum wage guy in this case has a six figure income.  He is better known as Governor Pat Quinn.

The Illinois Democrat is trying to demonstrate how difficult it is to live on a state minimum wage income of $8.25 an hour.  Taking away taxes, housing and transportation costs, the average wage earner at $8.25 only has about $79 a week to spend for food.  Quinn is trying to stick to a 7 day stretch where he lives on $79.  He finds himself counting every penny.

“Those that think that this challenge is a gimmick should spend one day in a minimum wage workers shoes,” Governor Quinn said.  “You're working 40 hours a week you shouldn't have to live in poverty.”

Quinn believes nearly two-thirds of small business owner's support raising the minimum wage.  Visiting Debbie's Diner in Decatur Quinn thinks raising the wage to $10 an hour will benefit the economy.”

“I think the best way to help our economy actually is to raise the minimum wage,” the Governor told WAND Capitol reporter Doug Wolfe.  “Because folks who make the minimum wage, if they get a raise, they're not going to admire money in the bank vault they're going to spend it in the local community.”

Wednesday evening the Bruce Rauner campaign had this response:

"Instead of just gestures, Illinoisan's need an actual plan to raise the minimum wage.  Unlike Pat Quinn, Bruce has presented a plan that helps Illinois raise the minimum wage while keeping our small businesses competitive so they can expand and grow jobs -- and that includes rolling back the Quinn-Madigan 67% income tax hike." - Rauner Spokesperson Mike Schrimpf

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