Mitchell - Defund "All Kids"

Decatur – State Representative Bill Mitchell, (R) Forsyth, would like to see a Blagojevich era program killed by the Illinois legislature.

A recent state audit shows 68% of enrollees in the health care program known as “All Kids” are undocumented immigrants.  Mitchell says the federal government does not reimburse Medicaid for those immigrants and Illinois taxpayers are picking up 100% of the bill.

“If you ever want to know why Illinois is broke, just look to the ‘ALL KIDS' program,” Rep. Mitchell said. “Illinois is drowning in a sea of red ink, with nearly $5 billion in unpaid bills. Why in the world are we spending $50 million per year on health insurance for illegal immigrants?  We've got to put a stop to this blatant abuse of taxpayer dollars.”

Mitchell tells WAND News State Capitol reporter Doug Wolfe he will introduce legislation to strip the funding out of the “All Kids” program.  Mitchell labels the program a “scam”.

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