Macon County Could Soon Have a Noise Ordinance

 MACON COUNTY-A loud car or a noisy neighbor disturbing the peace could soon face a penalty.
    Macon County Sheriff's Lt. Jonathan Butts says current violators could face a criminal charge of disorderly conduct which he says could be too harsh.
    "We just wanted to have people be held accountable and fair and use good common sense in this ordinance," Butts says.
    The first time violators would be given a warning.  Then it could be a fine from 50 dollars up to 500.
    Lt. Butts says they will not tow vehicles but will hand out penalties specific to the violation.
    "The officer can do something that's appropriate about it at the time of the offense," Butts says.
    The Macon County Board would have to vote to approve the ordinance.

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