Adams County coroner's annual autopsy budget already spent

QUINCY - The Adams County Coroner's Office has already gone through its autopsy budget for the year due to an increase in the number of procedures performed.

According to Coroner Jim Keller, the budget covers between 30 to 40 autopsies a year, with a routine autopsy costing between $1,300 and $1,400.  The office's total budget is approximately $123,000, with more than $40,000 being budgeted for autopsies that past two years.

However, Keller said that autopsy budget for this fiscal year was used up in August, so the office will likely seek more money from the county for additional autopsy expenses.

In 2013, $53,000 was spent on 49 autopsies, which exceeded the department's budget.  This year, the office has already conducted 36 autopsies.

Keller also says that more autopsies have been conducted throughout the state due to an increase in sudden cardiac deaths that may be related to prior drug use.  He also says that even though there have been fewer deaths in Adams County, the circumstances surrounding those deaths warranted further examination.

Autopsies are required for homicides, deaths caused by motor vehicle accidents, deaths caused by fires, or sudden deaths.

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