Tobacco Store has some Parents Smoking Mad

     DECATUR-Tobacco Express, a tobacco dealer, is opening up on the west side of town.  But the location has some parents worried.  It's just a stone's throw away from MacArthur High School.
    It's not open yet but the signs are up.  
    "Our kids are bombarded by enough garbage," Chad Barker says. "The last thing they need is a cigarette shack right next to the school."
Chad Barker has emphysema from years of smoking and is speaking out against the shop opening.  
    "I don't want to see anybody else have to go through that," Barker says.
    The owner of the store wasn't present, but an employee told me they will comply with illinois law and not sell to anyone under the age of 18.
    Barker is hoping the city can step up.
    "We need to pass some kind of zoning ordinance so that this doesn't happen again some time in the future," Barker says.
    In Decatur, there are no laws that say a smoke shop can't be right next to a school.  But in Illinois, there are some cities that do have that in place.

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