Monticello council rezones plot for potential medical marijuana cultuvation center

MONTICELLO--Before Monday's Monticello City Council meeting, a medical marijuana cultivation center could have opened on the eastern portion of a plot that is currently being considered to house a facility. But on Monday evening, council members unanimously approved a rezoning of the western part of the property so an indoor growing facility could open its doors farther away from nearby neighbors.

A medical cannabis growing facility would have to be located in an area that is zoned as business.

When partners at the Chicago-based company TKPP picked a 26-acre piece of property on Monticello's southern side, they did not know it was split zoned.

Most of the plot is zoned as business, but that area is closer to residential neighbors.

At Monday's council meeting, members decided to rezone the rest of the property from industrial to business so the facility could locate farther away from those residents.

TKPP partners are excited about the change, but they say it's just one step forward in what will be an extensive process. 

"Obviously we've got a long way to go, this is just a rezoning," said TKPP partner Peter Newell. "We've got a big application to turn in. It's a competitive process and we've got a long way to go. But we're excited, this is an important step and we're excited to be in Monticello."

TKPP must submit an application for a permit from the Illinois Department of Agriculture by September 22.

If the company does get the single permit that the state will issue for ISP District 10, which covers nine counties, including Piatt, partners hope to have the facility open by spring of 2015.
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