Severe Allergy Season This Fall

     DECATUR-At Dale's Southlake Pharmacy, people have been complaining about allergies for weeks. The pharmacist says it's the worst season he's seen in years.
    Lots of rain and relatively cool temperatures offered optimal conditions for common allergens.  Ragweed pollen counts are high -- and up to 20 percent of Americans are allergic to it.
    With the fall harvest, pollen counts are only going to get higher.      Plus, the rain has helped mold grow.  
    Pharmacist Dale Colee says treating it early is your best bet.
    "Many people wait too long and then it's hard to keep up once that allergy starts going, it takes you a lot longer to get that taken care of," Colee says.  "A lot of times it can turn into a cold, or some type of infection."
    He recommends trying over the counter medications first.  And he says if you find one that seems to work,  stick with it.  
    Doctors say be careful  with certain   over-the-counter   drugs like nasal allergy drops  or eye drops.
    They can create  a "rebound effect" making symptoms  worse  over time, despite some temporary relief.
    Also, the decongestant  in some allergy medicines can raise blood pressure, so always talk with your doctor  about  which  is right for you.

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