Illinois officials to keep medical marijuana application information under wraps

SPRINGFIELD - It is still unknown if state officials will release complete information on companies who are applying to grow or sell medical marijuana in Illinois.

According to Illinois' medical marijuana law, applications from those companies aren't subject to state open record laws.  Businesses will be able to apply from September 8 until September 22, and Illinois' medical marijuana pilot project spokeswoman Melaney Arnold says the state will not release information on the number of applicants until after the deadline.

However, former state Senator Susan Garrett says the lack of transparency makes it difficult to determine if state regulators are showing favoritism for companies with strong political connections.  Garrett also adds that nobody should be denied this information.

Former government officials and lobbyists have already started to team up to compete for the 60 dispensary licenses and 22 growing center licenses.  Applicants must pay a $5,000 nonrefundable application fee to sell marijuana, and a $25,000 fee to grow it.

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