School Bus Drivers Claim Payroll Problems

     DECATUR-A number of school bus drivers for First Student have reached out to WAND. They say there are serious payroll issues at the company, some of them even suggesting that if the problems aren't worked out, they will go on strike.
    Several callers have told us they haven't been paid at all this year, or they've been paid for less than the number of hours they worked.  Some workers also have complained that they haven't received paper checks.     Some drivers are even stating grievances on Facebook.
    The head of the bus drivers' union did not respond to our request for comment.
     First Student spokesperson Jen Biddinger writes: "we regret that a payroll processing issue delayed payment to several of our employees.  We worked diligently to remedy this situation."
    She adds that employees will be paid fully as soon as possible and that all employees are expected to report to work tomorrow.
    A spokesperson for Decatur Public Schools says that to her knowledge, there is a "no-strike" clause in their contract with First Student.

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