A Decatur Hospital Offers Special Care to Injured Athletes on Friday Nights

Good news for local athletes!  This fall, Decatur Memorial Hospital is offering special care to injured players every Friday night.  It's called the Friday Night Sports Injury Clinic, and it's open from 9 to 11 at night.  The focus is geared toward treating football players after their games, however, all athletes are welcome.  They'll get to meet with an orthopedic specialist to help treat bone, muscle, or joint injuries.

"The night we see them, we will manager their injury," said Physician Assistant, Zac Sowa.  "If they have a fracture, we'll put a splint on.  We may put a cast on.  We'll give them a diagnosis.  That's a key thing with this clinic.  It is an orthopedic specialist seeing them, so we can give them a diagnosis that night."

The clinic is run out of the DMH Emergency Center, but patients won't have to wait in the general emergency room.

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