Central Illinois Residents React to NFL Scandals

CHAMPAIGN--The series of scandals rocking the NFL is sparking a national conversation, and the people of Central Illinois are speaking out too.

After a stream of videos, pictures, and allegations of abuse, football fans are debating how violent players should be punished. But many agree that those in charge at the NFL dropped the ball.

"I don't think they handled it properly," said Jerry Lewis.

"The commissioner has to do his job, you know there are people over him, the owners, that tell him hey you know this isn't looking too good for the NFL, you have to get rid of him," said Quinton Elam. "But you also have to look at it from a universal standpoint that this is a person's life."

Now, some are calling for change, including 16 female senators who asked NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to scrap the six-game suspension for first time offenders in favor of a zero-tolerance policy for domestic violence.

"What I think it's going to be is that it's just going to be a delay and defer tactic," said Scott Naeseth.

One area the league is expected to amend is its drug policy. The players' union already approved a move to begin testing for human growth hormone, while increasing the amount of marijuana that would trigger a positive result and decreasing the penalties for off-season amphetamine use. NFL officials must also accept the proposal before it is final.

"If you're taking steroids, you should be tested. If you're taking marijuana, you should be tested," said Elam. "If it's affecting your game at all or at any time and place. These people are paying you millions of dollars to watch you put on a show."

And despite the debate, millions of people will continue to tune in.

"Most definitely. I'll be there Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday," said Elam.

Keeping their eyes on what happens on and off the field.
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