Springfield Housing Facility is Expanding So It Can Serve More People in Need

The Ronald McDonald House of Springfield may not seem large in size.  But its reach is.  It's serves more 400 families in Central Illinois every year.  Dena Kidwell lived at the house for months after her daughter was hospitalized.

"She was extremely extremely ill,” Kidwell.  “And we didn't know if she was going to make it through that first night, and that's when we ended up staying at the Ronald McDonald House."

It's a housing facility for families with a child in the hospital, a hospital too far from home.  Dena lives in Urbana, but her daughter was being treated in Springfield.

"To be able to go into place, and have them comfort you, and you know, not ask you 10,000 questions, get you all confused, and just make it worse, they're very comforting, and it was a comforting place to stay," Kidwell. 

That's why she spent her Sunday afternoon with first responders from all over Springfield, who planned a fundraiser to help expand the house and it's capabilities.

"They're attempting to raise 1.2 million dollars to renovate the house here in town, and we are attempting to raise just a small portion of that today," said first responder, Allen Reyne.

The house hasn't been renovated in 30 years.  The remodel means 14 bedrooms and more living space the first responders who put the fundraiser together say they're always looking for ways to give back, so when they heard this charity needed help, they came to the rescue.

"We all have this calling to serve others beyond ourselves,” said first responder, Steven Harris.  “That is our first responsibility.  That is what a first responder does."

And they did there job well Sunday, raising thousands of dollars.

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