Peterson Arrest Fuels Debate over Spanking

 DECATUR-An NFL star accused of abusing his son has brought some child discipline practices into public scrutiny.
    Twenty-nine-year-old Adrian Peterson is charged with striking his 4-year old son with a switch this summer.
    Peterson's lawyer says his client was just disciplining his son and didn't mean to cause him any harm.
    At the Macon County Advocacy Center they say this form of discipline frequently.
    The director says spanking is not an effective form of  punishment.  
    "Spanking is really the least effective tool you could use because it doesn't really teach the child the behavior you want to see," says director Jean Moore. "Basically, what a child gets from that is I hit when I don't get my way."
    Further, they say if you spank your child there should never be injury or marks on the child and that other punishments are less destructive and more effective.

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