Iroquois County Board Wants Medical Marijuana Cultivation Center

IROQUOIS COUNTY--In one Central Illinois county, board members want to bring a medical marijuana cultivation center to the area.

When two local farmers decided to pursue a permit to grow marijuana just north of Cissna Park, Iroquois County Board members were overwhelmingly on board.

"The board voted unanimously of all those present to support this endeavor," said County Board Chairman, Rodney Copas.

Jeremy Seggebruch and Garrett Bruns are finishing up their application to the Illinois Department of Agriculture this week. Part of that submission will include a letter of support signed by the county board chairman.

"If they're going to grow it in 20 other places in the state, then why shouldn't we participate as well?" said Copas. "So to try to get it in Iroquois is something we would do."

Because the entrepreneurs expect their grow house to create 50 new jobs, and they plan to fill those positions with nearby neighbors.

"With Jeremy being a local farmer, it's kind of like taking care of our own a little bit," said Copas.

If the local farmers get the green light from the state, they would set up their medical marijuana cultivation center on land they already own and maintain, something Copas says was part of the appeal.  

"They would drill their own wells and take care of that themselves, now the other groups, they were looking for like a city supply of water and stuff like that," said Copas.

The farmers know of three other groups looking to build their cultivation centers in ISP District 21, but there will only be one. And those companies are scouting out site in Kankakee County. 
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