Will Hearsay Evidence Be Used in Cutler Trial?

     DECATUR-Normally, hearsay evidence is not admissible in court.  But prosecutors would like to use it in the case of Lisa Cutler.  Because they say it helps paint a full picture of her life and her relationship with her husband, the man charged with murdering her.
    The hearing Wednesday was to see if the judge will allow hearsay evidence.
    People who knew Lisa took the stand.  Many of them talking about the nature of Lisa's relationship with her husband, Chad, her demeanor, and her hopes for the future based on discussions they'd had with her.
    Some of that testimony was damning.
    We at WAND have chosen not to go into detail until the judge has ruled whether that evidence will be admitted at trial.  Chad is accused of drowning his wife at their home in April of 2012.
    A police warrant for his arrest suggests that possible motives were cashing in on an insurance policy and being with another woman.
    Lisa had also taken out an order of protection against Chad just a few months before her death.

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