Meat Packing Plant Proposal Draws Heated Debate

SPRINGFIELD - Residents of the Laketown community packed a Springfield Planning and Zoning meeting Wednesday night. Their objective: to voice their displeasure over a proposal to grant a zoning variance from the city for the on-site slaughter of cattle and hogs.

"I moved to this neighborhood one year ago with the feeling of security that I was moving to a neighborhood protected by zoning," one Laketown resident stated.

The owner of the property, Tony Magro, proposed a meat market for 4150 Stanton Street. The business would include on-site slaughter of cattle and hogs in addition to meat processing and cooking.

 Magro says a  re-design of the loading dock would minimize the noise from the incoming cattle and reduce smell. However, residents expressed concern about the odor and the impact on property values.

The commission voted against recommending the variance by 4-3 vote.

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