Woman Dead in Train Versus Vehicle Crash

Taylorville- A train slammed into a vehicle that was stuck on train tracks in Christian County.

The Christian County Coroner Amy Calvert said, Kathleen Rhodes, 66, died at the scene.

Firefighter Nick Hackney said, Rhodes was just a few blocks away from home. When she was hit, her vehicle went up in flames. Twelve of the train cars near the bring vehicle contained flammable liquids

Nick Hackney said, "We could have had a potential hazard of an explosion from the train cars, so once they got that moved, we went ahead.  So once they got that moved, we went ahead and cooled down the rest of the train cars and advanced the hose line, put out the fire, and at that point we realized their was a potential victim in the car."

This happened on South Webster Street and 3rd in Taylorville.

Rhodes was transported to Bloomington. Her autopsy will be performed on Monday.

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