Emanuel calls on Lawmakers to Decriminalize Pot

 SPRINGFIELD-Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel spoke before lawmakers at a Joint Criminal Justice Reform Committee Hearing today.  His goal --to decriminalize minor drug possession.      His hope -- that lawmakers across the state will jump on board.
    His proposal calls for a new state law that would reduce possession of one gram or less of any controlled substance in . from a felony to a misdemeanor.  It would also make possession of 15 grams or less of cannabis a ticketable offense statewide.
    Emmanuel says it could be a big benefit to the state, and help law enforcement focus on violent offenders.
    "That will change not just the criminal justice system, not just the police time, so you'll save time and money, but it will also change that individual's life," Emanuel says.  "Somebody walking around with a felony, their employment prospects, their job prospects, their life are on a different trajectory than if they had a misdemeanor associated with them."
    Not everyone shares the mayor's viewpoint however.  Some in local law enforcement think it could send the wrong message. 

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