Nokomis Resale Shop Temporarily Closes

Nokomis- Rumors travel around the city of Nokomis about why a discounted resale shop has closed its doors. 

A board member said, they are planning to move four organizations under one roof of where the Community Closet is currently housed. These organizations are the Ministerial Alliance, the Nokomis Food Pantry, the Heat and Fuel Fund and the Community Closet. 

Board Member Dick Langjahr said, they will have one director once the new outreach center is formed. However they have to wait until legal issues are resolved.

"We do serve a lot of families in this community and it is a very needed place and it has been operation since 1998," said Susie Michael.

She said she knows how important the resale shop is to families who need the discounted items.

People like Rebecca Sims and Marge Holliday. Holliday shops at the Community Closet often with her grandchildren. 

"It's probably going to be inconvenient because I have several of my grand kids coming to stay for three days. This Friday, Saturday and Sunday and like I said they like to come over here," Holliday told WAND.

Before the doors closed on Tuesday, people in the community were spreading rumors as to why it will not be open.

"The rumors I've heard that people think it's not going to be here anymore," Sims added.

Regardless of what people are saying, Susie Michael said, their main concern is the people they serve. 

"It's about taking care of the community and people can take it for what it's worth. Rumors are rumors."

Board members plan to have the outreach center opened by the end of this year.

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