District Balances Budget

Decatur – The Decatur school district has its first balanced budget since 2007.  Controlling expenses and an increase in funding from the state of Illinois helped.

“We were up about a million dollars over what we received last year.  So it really helped us out,” District 61 Chief Operational Officer Todd Covault told WAND News.

In recent years the district has had to cut programs and staff.  “The last 5 to 10 years there's been significant reductions in staff,” Covault stated.  “As we've had less and less general state aid that's just the reality of what we had to do.”

Even though the district picked up an additional $1 million the state is still only paying about 89% of the money owed.

“If the state funded us at the 100% level we'd have an additional $4.7 million,” Covault said.

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