University of Illinois Students React to Jimmy John's Data Breach

This Wednesday, the fast food chain, Jimmy John's, notified customers that debit and credit card information from 216 of its stores was stolen.  Two of the affected stores are in Springfield and another is Champaign, on the University of Illinois campus.  Some of the students are even phased.

"It scares me a little bit, but I've heard it all the time,” said student, Chris Rost.  “I hear companies doing this all the time."

Michael Kwiatkowski, shares similar sentiments.

"I think with a lot of this credit card stuff that's been floating around the last couple years, I think we're, maybe, desensitized to this kind of scare," said Kwiatkowski.

Cards impacted by the event appear to be those swiped inside stores, not online.

"I think it's a reality that didn't exist a few years ago, and I think it's making itself more present," said Rost.

Kwiatkowski will continue to frequent Jimmy John's, just use a different method of payment.

"I might start, like I said using cash.  I know cash, obviously, is not going to trace back to my name."

But his love for the food chain remains the same.

"As long as they keep making like, their good sandwiches, and stuff like that, it's really not going to stop me."

The security breach is contained and customers can now use their credit and debit cards securely.

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