Selling Shepherd's Hooks to Benefit Veterans

 DECATUR- Now you can beautify your yard and help veterans at the same time.
    A group in Decatur has designed and built shepherd's hooks.
    One hundred percent of the money raised goes to help veterans by providing scholarships at Richland to help them further their education.   
    Veteran Howard Reynolds got the idea for the project and even made the tools to make the hooks.
    "I'm very proud of it," Reynolds says.  "I think it's something that will grow every year and be a lot of interest and being able to change our design, we can keep up with what the people want."
    They sell the Shepherd hooks at Richland on Saturdays from 8-noon, until October 11.
    Anyone interested in purchasing a Shepherd Hook may contact Lloyd Holman at (217) 620-4923.

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