Famous Gospel Harpist Comes to Decatur

Gifted hands that serenade the soul.  Jeff Majors plays the harp like it's part of his being.

I didn't choose the instrument, the instrument chose me," he proclaimed.

At age fifteen, he says had a dream one night.  He was strumming away at a harp, an instrument he had never played before.

"I expressed this dream to a cabinet maker who owned a music store in Washington D.C.  He was very fascinated and about a month later he had built a miniature harp and presented it to me."

So he spent the next several years mastering the instrument until he got so good, he world came running after his sound.

"From presidents to Oprah to, you know, other kings and queens from around the world."

Most would consider this success, but Jeff says his purpose is deeper.

"My mission is not complete."

A mission to inspire, encourage, and heal.

"If I'm able to use this music to help heal some of the pain and confusion that the world is experiencing, that's fulfilling.  That's the fulfillment of what I want to be able to do with the music.

And he has a special message to all young performers.

"Whether you're a dancer, whether you're a rapper, whether you are a violinist, follow the passion behind it have a relationship with it.  Because having a relationship with that instruments, you'll get the secrets."

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