1,022 Decatur Residents Wait Two Hours for Free Food

The line may be two hours long. But if there's one thing worth the wait, it's food.  The central Illinois Foodbank's mobile pantry has been stopping in major cities all year long.  Saturday afternoon, it stopped in Decatur, where so many need the extra help.  Many people in this line receive government assistance, and it's still not enough. 

"Half these people get food stamps,” said Todd Tatum.  “They get social security checks."

Tatum is homeless, so he has no place to store his food.  And because most of the items are perishable, he's afraid they'll go bad before he finishes his supply.

"We need a spot, a place, that's going to give out canned goods,” said Tatum.  “I need canned goods.  I'm homeless."

Assisting in the effort were volunteers from Millikin University.  Most were serving food for the first time.  They say they will never take another meal for granted.

I've never really thought about people having to stand in line for hours just to get food,” said Brooke Smith.  “We always just go to the store, you know."

And for that, women like Brenda Luter are thankful.

"I'm really grateful,” said Luter.  It's worth standing in line, the two hours I was here because God blessed us with all of this.  And my brother and I really appreciate all the service.  I hope that we can keep this, here, up because we all need it. 

1,022 people were served.

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